We offer custom made basketball uniforms melbourne the must-have of sport deserve you to choice


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I needed some shorts for the gym & P.T. I’m a very big guy so it’s hard for me to get stuff in my size. The shorts weren’t offered in 3X so I took a chance on the 2X. They’re slightly snug, but that’s not the fault of Champion. The length is perfect and I like the fact that I have pockets so I can bring my wallet, cellphone & keys with me. I put all my stuff in a locker at the gym, of course.
  We offer custom made basketball uniforms melbourne the must-have of sport deserve you to choiceKelly Drouza

These shorts are very comfortable! I have lower back pain and the elastic waistband provides me with no restrictions when moving and bending.
They wash and wear well with no shrinkage. Lighter weight cotton than Hanes similar shorts I bought from Target. Cooler and less bulky.

  We offer custom made basketball uniforms melbourne the must-have of sport deserve you to choiceRaymart Billones

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