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The stitching originally because Levis featured cotton lined back pockets, and the stitches were intended to keep the lining from buckling. The color of the thread was also orange, to match the distinctive rivets. The rivets themselves were another innovation riveted seams were a dramatic advance in work clothes technology that doubled the durability of the product.

    Take action Cheap Nike Neiko Thorpe Pink Jerseys free shipping available for all itemsMike Baker : I’m very pleased with the Champion shorts. They’re very comfortable and the length I like

    Take action Cheap Nike Neiko Thorpe Pink Jerseys free shipping available for all itemsHakeem Quilalan : Received my item today. Packing was done well. Sealed plastic baggy and tags.
    The only off detail is the tagging. The printed label inside the shirt says US Medium and the seen tag shows US XL which is what I Ordered.

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